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From workshop model to cover girl – it’s just a small flash away …

6 September 2011 om 10:57 door Jürgen geplaatst in de categorie cover,fashion,fashion photography,Flashlight,fotografie,photographer,Photography,strobist,workshop,workshop fotografie

From model to cover, it sounds just like the title of a new workshop.  Well, it was during a Strobist workshop – a workshop on flash photography with small, portably reportage flashes – that this image was created.

After the participants had asked me a lot about how to get a white background white, or how to get it black, I asked our model Shauni if she could pose for me for a few minutes.

I had placed 2 small flashes – Nikon SB900 – on either side of Shauni, using umbrellas and triggered boths flashes with Nikons CLS-system.  The only thing I added to the creative mix was a silver reflector to throw the light back at Shauni, in order to create soft, beautiful light (which she deserves).

The result is as can be seen on the cover of Shoot magazine. In this particular issue, which is on-sale in Belgium from now on, I have written an article – together with Piet Van den Eynde, colleague and partner in crime for the flash workshops – about the Nikon CLS – system.

Anyhow, this is the result as it appears on the cover of the magazine.


Cover for Shoot magazine, shot during a workshop on flash photography


And that’s how a model for a workshop can end up as a model of the cover of a photography magazine.  Thanks Shauni!