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High key lighting for studio portraits

10 June 2009 om 12:33 door Jürgen geplaatst in de categorie Flashlight,Portrait,Studio

During a studio session, in which I photograph people, I try to use different kinds of lighting. 

With An, I wanted to create a high key lighting, which means that the photograph consists of mainly whites.  In terms of a portrait, you want to over expose most of the skintones so that it renders mostly white.  Only her hair, her eyes, nose and mouth  as well as the basic outlines of her face and arms are seen, which is enough to create the suggestion of a person.  Ideally, for a high key portrait, you want blond hair, but that’s perhaps asking a bit much from my models ….

Jürgen Doom

Update – Caro asked for the lighting setup.  Well, I used 2 studio lights.  One light was used to evenly illuminate the white background, which is slightly over exposed compared to An.  Therefore, the background is white.  An was lit by one large softbox, which was placed in front of An, about head’s hight, slightly tilted downwards.  At waist level I added a silver reflector in order to reflect a large amount of light coming from above back in to An, thus creating an evenly lit portrait.  The exposure was of course a bit over normal exposure in order to get the desired effect.  Post processing was done in lightroom, mainly adjusting exposure and black clipping.