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Portrait photos for profile image on social media

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I have recently written a blog post about the quality of profile photographs for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  You can find it here.

Recently I was contacted via the contact page of my website by …. my spouse! She asked me if she could make an appointment for a portrait session in order to get photographs for social media.  Since my wife has access to my calender, she proposed a day and time I was available.  So there was no possible escape for me … !  Photographing people who are close to you is even more difficult than photographing people who are not in your circle of relatives and friends …

Nonetheless, herewith a selection of images, shot on Nikon D3, 85mm 1.4 at f/4, 1/250.  I used 3 flashes (Nikon SB900) using Nikon’s CLS system.


Portrait and profile photograph for social network sites
Portrait and profile photo for social media
Portrait and profile photo for social media


Model photography at Calumet workshop for Strobists.

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I was asked to host a series of strobist workshop at the recent Calumet “Test the very best” day near Ghent some time in June.

The 3 workshops I hosted were “strobist for beginners”, strobist for users” and “strobist for pro’s”.  For each and every workshop I had a model which I could use to photograph in order to show some lighting techniques.

During the last workshop (Strobist for pro’s) I had model Louise.  I asked Louise to pose “indoor”, in an industrial setting (some sort of glass house), where I demonstrated a technique whereby one uses 3 off-camera flashes in conjunction with color gels.

In this case I used Nikon’s SB900’s in Nikon’s CLS-system.  Louise was lit by a Calumet striplight (key light).  In the back one notices the second speedlight – which, in the final image, looks like a lightbulb.  Indeed, it was gelled to give it some warmth.  A third flash was used to lit the background behind Louise.

This is the final result (both in color and black and white)


strobist workshop for Calumet

workshop for Strobists at Calumet


I also took a photograph of Louise without the flash in the back visible in the frame.



Calumet workshop for strobists


And lastly I had some time to play around with the white balans settings, which creates a completely different color scheme ….



Calumet strobist workshop



Model photography – model shoot with Sylviane Alliet part 2.1

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In the previous blog post about the shoot with Sylviane Alliet, I talked about the images we made in the doctor / dentist / assistant / medical sphere.

Because we don’t  take pictures with a model and the right attributes every day to (especially in the medical field), we decided to quickly do a few shots of Sylviane against a different background. That way we could get some extra mileage out of the attributes.  We did this by simply moving the flashlights to another location (right around the corner from our previous shots), with as a result a set of pictures which breathed a totally different atmosphere.

The pictures were taken with 2 Nikon SB900 flashes in slave mode, triggered by a Nikon SB900 on camera – the Nikon CLS system. One flash was standing outside, behind the door, the other stood between between the photographer and Sylviane, but aimed at a corner in the room. In other words, the light was “bounced” or reflected by the white walls and ceiling, so to get an even lighting over Sylviane.

All photos were taken with a Nikon 85mm prime on f2 (because I simply liked to workon f2. Nah).

The result looks like this (images post-processed in Lightroom 3.3).

Shoot with Sylviane - medical

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

From here on I added some warmth to the image by placing a full cut CTO gel over the outside flash.  Hence the impression of sunlight coming through the door and the warm atmosphere.

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Shoot with Sylviane - medical theme

Next blog post will be much more “zen” … promised!