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Workshops flash photography

Jürgen Doom offers workshops flash photography (studio and on-location). These workshops deal with the basics of flash photography which can be applied to both studio and on-location strobes (reportage flashes).

These workshops are designed for people who want to get to know the basics of flash photography, how to go about taking your flash off the camera, using colored gels to alter the color balance, etc ...

After a theoretical explanation of the basics of flash photography, the participants get the chance to practice their new skills in a studio environment and/or on location. This tutored session will give them a hands on experience and will allow them to ask questions as they arise.

In order to fully concentrate on the participants I allow a maximum of 6 people per workshop.

If you're interested, drop me a note via my contact page and I'll keep you posted when a new workshop will be held.

Jürgen Doom